I spent some time in meditation yesterday and the message was very clear. There is so much turmoil and upset going on in our outer world, we are being asked to detach from all of the drama and go within. Peace within is peace without. I actually was asked to pull 2 cards for this week. This first you see below and the second was the Bear. If you think about what bears are doing at this time of year, they are seeking to hibernate for the winter. We are being asked to go within our caves as well. It does not serve us to put ourselves in the middle of the chaos and drama that is swirling all around us.

The second piece of this message, which cannot happen without the first, connect with our inner sight. The cave in Bear medicine is not only a place where we seek solitude, but it is also found in the pineal gland in our minds. This is the seat of our inner seeing. Move into meditation and focus on the seat of our insight. Breathe into that space and be open to receiving the wisdom available to you.