fullsizerender-2I purposely waited for this week’s card until after the election. I thought we could use some insight, and boy was I right. Today, I pulled the upside down Grouse card out of my animal medicine deck. The grouse is represented by the spiral and understanding our movements in the physical world. Upside down, the grouse symbolizes feeling out of control, like we are in a tailspin. I bet many of you are feeling this way today. In order to move ourselves out of this space, we need to ground and connect to our Mother Earth. This election has taken its toll on us in many ways and has been consuming us. So, it is time to re-connect, ground and get focused. So your meditation suggestion this week is to find a beautiful spot in nature and breathe down into your body and into the earth. While things seem dire today, and you may be grieving. Be with that grief within your own body and don’t get caught up in the thoughts in your mind that are trying to validate, explain or resist what is happening. Disconnect from the collective and go within. Love & Light to you all. Angela