lizardFor this week’s card of contemplation, I pulled another card from my animal medicine deck. (My favorite deck, you can find it here). This week I pulled Lizard medicine. The message of this card is two-fold. First, the card is reminding us that it is time to dream a new dream, both individually and collectively. As we see the structures and systems of our society fail at an alarming rate, we need to replace them with something better. Something that is deliberately created and that looks toward the future well-being of our planet and all her living inhabitants. Now that may seem like a daunting task, but how we contribute individually is to consider our own personal dream.

As we head into 2017, it is time now to start visioning that new dream for yourself. Who do you want to be and what is the world you want to create? Often in spirituality, we talk about living in the now. This is very important, but we also need to creatively imagine our future too. We are both, being and becoming. We are dynamic beings who are living in a dynamic, self-organizing universe. We need to be able to be both in a state of being, when it serves, and also dream our becoming.

The second part of this card is that we are being asked again to look at our shadow. The lizard lays in the shadow and dreams. It is in our shadow that we review our dreams before we decide to manifest them in the physical world. What are your hopes, and fears? Where are you living out of alignment with your values? What are you resisting? This is the work that lizard medicine is asking us to do.

Spend some time over the week and look at your dreams for yourself in 2017 and your dream for all of humanity.