fullsizerender-2This week I pulled a card from my Tarot of Transformation deck. It is the Teacher of Cups entitled Exploring the Inner Landscape. The suit of cups is all about our emotions and with this card we are being asked to acknowledge our feelings and learn from them.  Emotions are beautiful signals that tell us about the beliefs we hold. The beliefs about who we are, how we show up and our worldview. This idea of diving into our emotional centers has been showing up a lot in the past couple of months. Why? Because the type of change that is necessary for humanity’s evolution requires us to feel deeply. To feel compassion, grief, passion, love and the fear. It is not the time to gloss over our emotions and skip to the spiritual high ground. This is called Spiritual Bypassing. Often when we move from that space we disengage from the shadow work that needs to be done both individually and collectively. So sit deeply with your consciousness fully situated in your body and feel, learn, grow and evolve. Be with your full range of emotions until they dissipate. Understand how those feeling are connected to your perceptions and understand the beliefs that create those perceptions. Do not avoid the collective mess we are in. This is a time of great revealing and until we look at our underbelly, nothing can change.