jaguarI pulled another medicine card for this week’s card for contemplation and it is the jaguar. This is a potent card that carries a very important message for us at this time. The Jaguar’s medicine is all about integrity and impeccability. Its mission is to devour unclean aspects of human behavior and reward those who walk and talk with impeccability. If you are unfamiliar with living in impeccability, it means to use our personal power and energy in efficient and effective ways. As I look around and see riots and divisiveness all around us, I am grateful for the Jaguar’s message today. Does this mean we don’t allow ourselves to feel the pain, anger or grief? No. But, we are being asked to look at how we deal with it. Are you lashing out against another in action or with your voice? Is this a wise use of your energy? Many of these negative feelings should be dealt with internally. Use writing, art, or meditation, for example, to really feel these emotions. Find ways to explore and express what you are dealing with, without causing harm to another. The jaguar is a reminder to us to use discernment and compassion. It is a reminder to act with dignity, respect and forgiveness.

So as you sit in meditation this week, ask yourself, are you in integrity? Are there ways that you are spending your energy that contributes to further pain, fear or grief?