When I first drew this card from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters deck, I wanted to draw again. The previous weeks have been much easier to apply to larger populations. We’ve talked a lot about the interior work of the individual. This week we are being asked to look at our closest relationship. This relationship is an important part of a soul’s evolution. Unlike the soul mate, which is a complementary relationship, the twin flame represents our mirror soul. This person is here to challenge us and prompts us to dive deep into our experience. They show us what it is about ourselves that we don’t like. They reflect back to us those parts that we don’t want to see. If we take the opportunity that is being given we can grow and evolve, but when we resist this gift we become resentful and/or offended. Especially in instances where you are annoyed, are there pieces of you in that act?

So this week you are being asked to look intimately at your closest relationship. What gifts does it have for you? Maybe an opportunity to deepen your compassion? Or practice self-love? It may reveal to you a habit that you weren’t aware of. Breathe deep into your belly and feel in to the emotions. Observe the thoughts and feelings that arise, acknowledge the story that created them and with the nugget of wisdom gained, let them dissipate.