This week’s card for contemplation comes from MEDICINE CARDS by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

Of mighty oceans,

You have seen it all.

Secrets of the ages are

Heard within your call.

Teach me how to hear your words,

And how to understand,

The very roots of history,

Of when our world began.

This card is about us remembering the history of Mother Earth. The history of the land, the people, and our own journeys. The whale is the record keeper. It is not an accident that this card has shown up the day that President Trump signed an executive order to push through the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are being asked to do our own work and remember where we have come from. We have created imaginary boundaries between us and them, between nature and ourselves. This has created a deep divide between people of different cultures. “We will have to unite and honor each other for healing to occur”.

Indigenous traditions and wisdom about the earth’s creation and the natural world are revered and passed on from generation to generation. Indigenous cultures understand the importance of staying connected to the stories of creation. If we know where we have come from and how we are all connected, it is much easier to act in alignment with the whole.

So this week, depending on where you are at in your practice I want you to try a few things.

1.Connect with Mother Earth. Set some time aside to connect deeply with the rhythms of the earth. If you can be outside, that is even better. If not, just ground yourself and breathe with her. See if you can connect to her subtle pulses of energy.

2. Meditate on our oneness. See if you can feel into oneness. If you can go beyond the illusion of separation to a place unity. Meaning can you let your identity dissolve with the breath and understand your connection to the whole.

3.  If you are able (advanced practice), I want you to explore your own records. This information resides in our 8th Chakra. Connect with your higher self and set the intention of learning about your soul’s records. Now this might show up as images, a knowing or deep emotion. It is not so much about exploring your past lives as it is to see if you can connect to the creative consciousness. This is about connecting with the Great All.