leadershipHave you recently been thinking, “Somebody needs to do something about this?” Well, that someone is you. Whether it is taking large-scale political action or just leading a group in the community. The time is now to get involved in something you care about. We all have it within us to be part of something. The key is to get involved in things you are passionate about. This means saying no to things that do not connect with your heart. The world does not need more people doing things out of a sense of obligation, we need more people doing things from a place of passionate engagement. Do not let yourself be deterred by the judgments of others. As long as you are taking action in alignment with your heart and values and moving toward something (rather than trying to tear something down), then be firm in your resolve.

This week spend some time in meditation and seek what your heart wants to do. Your inner guidance will assist you in knowing the first step to take.

Photo from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.