“Winter is the time and energy to begin to creatively assemble this wisdom and potential into an assortment of little bundles of energy that will act like the DNA of your dreams come springtime.” ~ Joseph Cardillo

As the last couple weeks of 2016 wind down, we are being asked to reflect on the cyclical nature of all things. This process of birth, death, and rebirth is an eternal cycle. This rhythm can be seen in the natural world around us. This card is reminding us to invite this ancient wisdom into our being. Think of the word embodiment. While the coming winter is ripe for quietude and contemplation. It is also the season of creativity, flow, and pure potentiality. The trees around us do not spend their energy in blooming nor do they die with the cold temperatures. Instead, they pool all of their energy into the center point of their beings. It is in this drawing of energy into ourselves that we create the opportunity to birth new life.

As we head into a new year. A time when many think to start new projects and begin new things. Take these next two weeks to prepare the womb for the birth of something new. Move within and play with the pure potential and creativity that awaits you in the center of yourself. Embody the spirit of the Great Mother and breathe deeply into the belly. Let the energy linger and develop so that you may be born anew when the time is right.