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Each year at this time I like to do a global reading. This year I felt called to look at the stories embedded in our collective chakras. I used the deck The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori.

Chakra 1 – Separation from the Source: 15 The Devil

The devil here represents a few things, and it showing up in the root chakra is very significant. The root is our center for grounding. It is the deep connection that we have with Mother Earth, our tribe, and our families. If we take a planetary view of this chakra, we are seeing a separation from these connections. So we opt for individuation over cooperation and we see ourselves as separate from the whole. This is beyond just the difference between us and them, but also the separation we feel from nature. Our planetary family is bigger than just the people in our community, it is all living organisms on this planet. This card represents our denial of that. While 2017 seems to be starting off more divisive than ever, the journey of this cycle begins with us coming back to this knowing. While this may not come to fruition in this year one cycle, the seeds are being planted. The devil also represents the shame, fear, and hate that has been relegated to the darkness. So, we are being asked to look at our inner demons. Our personal demons feed the collective. In an unconscious state, these collective demons run the world.The devil in the root chakra is about our instincts and behavior that are breed within this culture of fear. It is time to look at our dark underbelly and come to terms with it. Only then do we have the capacity for change and the fear loses its grip.

Chakra 2 – Feminine Mysteries/Intuitive Wisdom: 2 The High Priestess

It is not surprising that this card came up in the sacral chakra. Our womb. This is where we birth things into being. It is time to create and dream something new for humanity. This is about transformation not reformation. This card is a reminder that our challenges as a group will not happen in the frame of only the masculine energy. Creativity, intuition, magic, dreams and abstract thought are all part of understanding the wholeness of creation. With only a masculine perspective we cannot understand the universe in its entirety and in that, we cannot transcend the problems. We need to first understand the whole systems and the complexity and integrated nature of the natural world in order to solve problems without creating other ones. The individual must then connect with this in themselves. Dance, create, write, sing, make love. Awaken the feminine within you, so that we can embrace her spirit in our larger systems. Until we make them important and accepted again, then we will not see her wisdom, intelligence and power utilized on a grand scale. 

Chakra 3 Reading the Web: Master of Swords

The solar plexus is our seat of personal power, confidence, and ego. But there is also something deeper here. It is an innate wisdom that is part of our internal guidance system. People have called this a gut reaction. These gut reactions are part of our natural ability to read the web or the field of consciousness. We have become masters at interpreting, identifying and quantifying our sensual world, but in our categorization, we have built mental constructs that do not encourage us to see beyond them. We limit our potential by aligning with the confines of these structures.  It is our job now to take that information and go deeper with it. To understand the patterns and intelligence that precedes the physical manifestation. The seeds we plant in 2017 that allow us to temper our ego and technology with a deeper understanding of consciousness will help us to solve our energy and environmental challenges. This requires a balanced masculine nature that derives its power and intelligence not through domination but through cooperation and security for all.

Chakra 4 Peace in the Darkness: 18 The Moon

The heart chakra is about love, compassion and unity. The heart is also our gateway to the field of consciousness. In order to see through the fear based reality that is promoted and accepted by a vast amount of people and institutions, we will need to stay in connection with the heart.  2017 is going to be a time of great upheaval.  We have already witnessed unrest, death and chaos. This is all part of a dying system. But there is something better for us if we are able to be with our discomfort. Again with this card we see the feminine energies wanting to be expressed. Some people would call this card the dark night of the soul. Through this darkness, though, a re-birth follows. The work that we do individually this year will assist the collective in weathering their own dark night. So find ways to be at peace during tumultuous times, so we don’t add to the confusion and chaos. Be an anchor for others so that they may also find their peace. Breathe into the heart, calling back your energy so that you weather the frenetic and scattered energy that is swirling around you. 

Chakra 5 – Innocence or Ignorance?: 0 The Fool

The throat chakra governs communication. Collectively, we need to be mindful of what we are hearing and sharing. In uncertain times, there will be incentive by ruling powers to communicate false information. We are already seeing a conversation surfacing about fake news. It is important to use discernment when you are presented with information, even if it is from organizations you trust. Utilize the intelligence of the solar plexus, heart and third eye to feel into the information that is presented.  Do not allow yourself to be made the fool. The 24-hour news channels are slanted and promote a certain worldview. This will be a continued and conscious effort by those in power to spread information that dulls the masses and/or flat our lies to them. Be wary and use your internal guidance system to assist you in determining the accuracy of information that you receive.

Chakra 6 – Mapping the Mind – Healer of Swords

Our technology is doing a fantastic job at mapping the brain, but the mind is something much more important.This card is also about healing, healing is the act of becoming whole. This card fell in the position of the third eye, our seat of insight. Over the next year, even more people are going to be awakening to gifts that move them beyond the five senses. As with the solar plexus and understanding the patterns beneath the physical manifestation, we are being asked to combine our knowledge and technology of the brain and integrate it with the mystical wisdom of the mind. This is a fuller picture. As a culture, we must be careful not to reduce the information that we gather in a way that limits our potential and possibilities.  As more people awaken to their gifts, it will become acceptable in the mainstream to begin integrating the mind and the brain in a cohesive way that is capable of understanding our universal truths.

Chakra 7 – Queen of Life: 3 The Earth Mother

The crown chakra is our seat of spiritual connection and pure awareness. Each person is at their own place in this journey, collectively though, we are being asked to move beyond the us versus them mindset and embrace our connection to the whole. This is our coming full spiral from the devil in the root chakra. We will come to a very clear realization this year, that there are no regional challenges anymore. What affects one country/community, now affects us all. This is our crown chakra story in this year one cycle. Here again, we see the feminine energy take rise. This card is about the birthing of something new. 2017 is about laying the groundwork for our new life. This work is hard and dark and uncomfortable, but if we understand it as a necessary process of bringing forth new life, it makes it worth it. Does it have to be hard and dark and uncomfortable? The answer is both yes and no. As we challenge the patterns in the collective of fear, lack, and separation those of us that are resisting that change will find it much more difficult than those who are ready and embrace the shift. Then there are those who are already here and assisting in creating this shift. They are holding space, and have found their peace in the darkness. So broaden your awareness through meditation, mindfulness and expanded thought to assist the collective in understanding our connection. 

The Connector Card – Ruling in Harmony with Nature: 4 The Green Man

I felt compelled to pull one last card that would tie everything together. 2017 is about planting the seeds of this next cycle where the overarching theme is to balance the masculine and feminine energy. The Green Man is the masculine energy in its perfect form. We can no longer exploit the earth or each other for a short term gain. The Green Man is about understanding the way that nature governs herself and utilizing her wisdom in every system we create. As we draw on the feminine qualities and weave them in with our technology and innovation with a true understanding of the whole and the parts of the system we create environments that serve the world.