I am a volunteer instructor fo Boise Community Education.I just finished teaching a class on understanding your energy field last night. This is something that I have been doing for almost ten years and I am happy to introduce this topic to many new people every semester. My hope is always the same, I want the people to leave the class with a cursory knowledge of our subtle energy body, but mostly I want to get them thinking about the world energetically. So when this card showed up today, it was great validation that it is time for vibrational healing to reach the masses.

The Healer of Wands suggests that we need to focus on bringing balance to our energy field. I believe that this work will continue to gain importance in the overall health and healing of our bodies. Especially as our consciousness expands and we understand our ability to work beyond time/space limitations. Vibrational healing can be done alone or with someone who does healing work as their profession. Everything is energy so using sound, light, thought or color, for example, can assist us in shifting and harmonizing our own field. If you’ve never had energy work done before or if this is a completely new concept, I’d suggest seeing an energy healer first so they can bring you into balance. Then it will be much easier for you to maintain this balance through regular self-care.

Here is a simple exercise to cleanse and clear your energy field. In a seated position, with your feet flat on the floor, turn inward and begin to follow your breath. Notice how it feels to follow the breath in the body. After you do this for 5-10 breaths, I want you to continue to breathe in but now on the out breath, I want you to think about breathing out through the soles of your feet and into the earth. With each out breath, see if you can visualize sending the breath deeper and deeper into the core of the earth.  As you continue to move the out breath into the earth, I want you to now imagine drawing white light up from the center of the earth with the breath into the body. Continue to bring the breath/white light up as you breathe in until you can breathe it up all the way into the top of the head. Now on the out breath move that white light back down the center line of the body into the earth. Continue this to a sense of completion. This white light will cleanse and clear your energy body.