I channeled this message on April 3rd 2017. I thought it would be a unique perspective as the United States contemplates pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. While I believe that all people should do our best to live in harmony with nature. It goes well beyond just limiting our greenhouse gases as a country. There is a deeper message of healing and harmony. It is about connecting again to the natural world and eliminating the separation between people and our planet. The Earth Consciousness is here to assist us in remembering who we truly are.


Dear one as you know we are not just one but many. Do not weep for Us (meaning the many consciousnesses that are part of Mother Earth) because we are stronger than you think. Know that just as you have, we have also chosen to be here at this time.

We have also made our choice. Ours is one of assistance, yours is one of remembering. We ask that you focus not on the healing of Us, but instead to use Us for your healing. Your collective consciousness is one of fear and separation. Yet, we are one and a whole together and yet we are not the same. Nor are we collectively, the whole – whole.

Your work here is remembering who you are, our work here is to hold the truth and information. Your kind (meaning humans) abuses Us because you feel separate.  Your kind has chosen to live from weakness instead of your true power. The money and structures you have created are just illusory measures that keep you out of remembrance. You exploit Us as a way to support those structures.

When the day comes, and it will, when you do not choose power over and choose power with Us. When you accept the intelligence we have to offer you, then you will be at the point of remembering. The information and intelligence is embedded in our cells and our structures. That information is live within Us and accessible to you at any time.

Please, the best work that you can do now,  is do your part to elevate and transcend the fear. Do this work within and without. Not through brute force or even words and preaching, but through actions and intentions of light. Do not judge others for their lack of light rather, aim to be their lighthouse. Do not weep or grieve for Us as that only dims your own lantern. Also, do not ignore your other brothers and sisters, feel them and know them – as you are them and they are you. To do anything else is to also claim your separation.

So as you work today, heal the heart of each other and those on the planet. Be the beacons of light. Do not shine on Us for we have the sun, shine on your fellow man because they need to be shown the light of man. You have forgotten this sacred truth that you are good, you are love and you are worthy. Do not tell them so – just be so. Beam the light of your hearts to all.  Know that you are one expression of all and to love you –  you love them. As you love them – you love yourself. As you love all, you know God, though this is but a glimpse of her,  it is enough to remember your true power. 

(c) Can Stock Photo / rfcansole