Week of Mar. 13th – Embodying Sacred Sexuality

Envision the masculine and feminine energies intertwined and rising up through the body into the higher chakras above the head and bringing that energy back down and out through your touch and other senses. Feel your body teeming with tsacred, sexual life force energy.

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Week of Mar. 6th – Igniting Your Creative Core

This card is urging us to pull our energy out of the current situation we are in, both personally and globally. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care, but we realize that putting time into our own well-being is a more valuable use of our energy.

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Week of Feb 6th – Inner Knowing

This week's card came from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Last week we talked about connecting with your inner light. This week's card follows the same path and it is about connecting with your own inner wisdom. We are in a time of illusion. The way...

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Week of Jan. 30th – Find Your Inner Light

This week I was called to use the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I pulled the major arcana card - The Star. I don't know about you, but this card is gravely needed in my life right now. The Star follows the Tower in the deck, which is a time of abrupt change. In the Tower,...

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Week of Jan. 23rd – Remembering our Origins

This week's card for contemplation comes from MEDICINE CARDS by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Of mighty oceans, You have seen it all. Secrets of the ages are Heard within your call. Teach me how to hear your words, And how to understand, The very roots of history, Of...

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Week of Jan. 16th – Does the path have heart?

I pulled this card today for everyone but I know that it also has a special message in it for me. As I have been working with my guides, exploring my intention and journaling about it all, the message that keeps dropping into my consciousness is don't worry about the...

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Week of Jan. 9th – Who is Your Perfect Mirror?

When I first drew this card from Doreen Virtue's Ascended Masters deck, I wanted to draw again. The previous weeks have been much easier to apply to larger populations. We've talked a lot about the interior work of the individual. This week we are being asked to look...

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Planetary Chakra Reading for 2017

Listen to my recent Transformational Living Series Podcast on implementing this reading in your life. Each year at this time I like to do a global reading. This year I felt called to look at the stories embedded in our collective chakras. I used the deck The Tarot of...

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Week of Dec. 12th – Welcome the Sacred Feminine

"Winter is the time and energy to begin to creatively assemble this wisdom and potential into an assortment of little bundles of energy that will act like the DNA of your dreams come springtime." ~ Joseph Cardillo As the last couple weeks of 2016 wind down, we are...

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