A Message from Mother Earth

I channeled this message on April 3rd 2017. I thought it would be a unique perspective as the United States contemplates pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. While I believe that all people should do our best to live in harmony with nature. It goes well beyond...

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May 9th – Healing Beyond Time & Space

I believe that this work will continue to gain importance in the overall health and healing of our bodies. Especially as our consciousness expands and we understand our ability to work beyond time/space limitations.

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April 19th – Mastering Love

If it is true that we are love, then we do not have to conjure it or manufacture it. We simply have to remove the blocks that keep us from being who we are. What is this block for you? Do you have more than one?

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April 11th – Radiating Joy

Judgment is dense and heavy when in our space, it feels contracting. Joy is a very different experience. It is expansive and loving. It connects us to our potential and opens up opportunity in our life.

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April 5th – Transcending Judgement

Compassion shouldn’t come from a place of force or act of will. It comes from an opening of our heart. When we understand that judgment of another comes from our judgment of self, we can practice being more loving in general.

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April 24th – Are You Being Tested?

This week I pulled Eagle, a powerful animal ally from my medicine cards deck. The eagle can represent many things when he shows up. He can be asking us to take a 40 000 foot view of our situation. He can represent seeking freedom from the things that bind us. Today,...

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Week of Mar. 13th – Embodying Sacred Sexuality

Envision the masculine and feminine energies intertwined and rising up through the body into the higher chakras above the head and bringing that energy back down and out through your touch and other senses. Feel your body teeming with tsacred, sexual life force energy.

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Week of Mar. 6th – Igniting Your Creative Core

This card is urging us to pull our energy out of the current situation we are in, both personally and globally. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care, but we realize that putting time into our own well-being is a more valuable use of our energy.

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Week of Feb 6th – Inner Knowing

This week's card came from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Last week we talked about connecting with your inner light. This week's card follows the same path and it is about connecting with your own inner wisdom. We are in a time of illusion. The way...

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