Aura and Chakra Balancing

How it Works:

This is a two-part process.  It includes a 45-minute distance healing session, where I balance the auric field and chakras. Followed immediately by a 30-minute consultation session. Here we will discuss any insights and guidance that I may have for you. Consultations can be done by phone, my office or using my virtual meeting room (my preference).

For people who live in Boise, appointments at my office are available. I will send you the details after you schedule your appointment.


Single Session $88
3 Sessions Pre-paid $222 (You can substitute an Intuitive Reading for an energy session, if you prefer)

For more in-depth energy work visit my Energetic Tune-up page. 

What does a session cost?

The cost is $88 and is due when you make your appointment. 

How do I make my appointment?

Use the “BOOK NOW” link found anywhere on the site. Scroll down to the stand-alone services or the packages section (found below the energetic tune-up) and choose the Aura & Chakra Balancing (Energy Healing) or 3 sessions pre-paid. Be sure to enter the correct time zone before you make your appointment. It defaults to Hawaii time. 

How do I pay for services?

Click on the “BOOK NOW” button anywhere on the site and choose the service you’d like to purchase. There will be a Paypal button that allows you to pay directly using either your credit card.

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