I pulled this same card a little over a month ago. Please read it again as the original message is still important. Think of this as part two. The Star is a card of inspiration. It is the soft light of the heavens here to guide us. It is easy to get caught up in the muck of our personal lives. Even on a more global scale, we can feel that if we aren’t always watching what is going on around us, it will all fall apart.

This card is urging us to pull our energy out of the current situation we are in, both personally and globally. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care, but we realize that putting time into our own well-being is a more valuable use of our energy. This card is asking us to draw our energy back and focus on our own work.

The work of this card is doing our personal visioning. We are being asked to play with the notion of infinite possibilities. Just as there are countless stars in the sky, we can swim in the pool of limitless choice. That is why we need to pull our energy back; we can not do this work with our focus turned outwardly. Just as the core of a star is creative, powerful, and vital, you are too, when your consciousness is held within your center.

This week, I want you to sit in meditation. Take a few deep conscious breaths, call your energy back and breath into the center point of your being. Think of the place between your solar plexus and sacral chakra. Let your breath amplify the creative force of it. After doing this meditation, I want you to do some visioning.

Last week, I talked about desire, will, and intent. Visioning is broader and more holistic than intention, though desire, will, and intention serve that larger vision. Use your imagination and play with the possibilities for your life. Go as big as you can, do not get weighed down with what you think is doable. There are no limits in this exercise. What is the brightest, biggest possible dream you can create for yourself and our world? Then go back to the center point of your being and release your vision, powered by your creative core, in the universal consciousness.