What happens when the two become one? When we merge the masculine and feminine energies, allowing them to be intertwined in an intentional way? For this week’s card of contemplation, I pulled the 9 of Wands – Tantric Sexuality from my Tarot of Transformation deck. The nine symbolizes a sense of mastery or completion, but it also indicates something new. As we move into this level of mastery in our sexuality, we open ourselves up to new levels of understanding our world. This is moving beyond the merging dualities of the sacral chakra and moving up into less dense levels of consciousness and the higher chakra centers.

So how is this done? We bring conscious awareness into our sexual experience that is both above (in spirit) and below (in body). If you are doing this work with a partner, begin in a heart-centered meditation. See if you can first connect and expand your own heart center. Then see if you can bring your own awareness beyond your body and into your auric field. Next, connect and intertwine your heart center with your partner’s heart chakra. Spend a few minutes breathing in and expanding this heart-centered connection with the other person. Then continue from there. Explore each other’s bodies, slowly and deliberately. Connecting first with the physical touch and then using your energetic senses. Envision the masculine and feminine energies intertwined and rising up through the body into the higher chakras above the head and bringing that energy back down and out through your touch and other senses. Feel your body teeming with sacred sexual life force energy.

If you are not currently in a committed partnership, then you can still do this work by yourself. Begin the same way, by connecting with your own heart center then expanding your awareness to your field. As you explore your own body, feel into the physical body first and then connect with the energy underneath it. Let those intertwined masculine/feminine energies move through the body in the same way. This practice will assist us in becoming more intimate with our world and living from a more expanded perspective.