This week’s card came from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

Last week we talked about connecting with your inner light. This week’s card follows the same path and it is about connecting with your own inner wisdom. We are in a time of illusion. The way that things are being presented to us in the media and government are in many cases, deliberately trying to sway us. Sometimes in the form of advocacy journalism and in other cases, the motives are more nefarious. Our attention is being purposely diverted. The salmon is never diverted from her path. She always returns to the place of her creation. Armed with her inner knowing and the ability to use discernment when allocating her energy, the salmon can choose a direction that supports her growth and potential. We are living in a time of great influence, it is time for us to use our wisdom and instincts to do what is right for us.

The salmon also comes with another message and that is one of hope. Can you see the opportunities in all situations? Can you look beyond the illusion and influence and see the bigger picture? If we embrace experiences and look at them as challenges and opportunities, rather than hardships, we can ride the wave of the collective rather than getting sucked in.

So this week spend some time and see if you can witness the illusion and the influence that is going on around you. Hangout in the center of yourself. Can you listen without getting entangled in it? Can you see the ways that you are being deliberately swayed? The salmon will always go back to her own wisdom and inner knowing even when the currents are strong. There is an opportunity for all of us here, if we are willing to see it.