After taking a couple of weeks off due to life circumstances and illness, I am back with this week’s Card for Contemplation. I had pulled this card two weeks ago but was not able to publish it. It just didn’t feel right. I was not able to do so whole-heartedly.  I have always felt a flow of prosperity for my family, but in my personal work and business overcoming a poverty consciousness has been a long road. A road that I have only felt victorious in the last year or so. I pulled the same card again today, so I knew that I needed to share it and I am in a better space to do so.

There is the flow of abundance and prosperity available to all of us. It is always there, but sometimes it is harder to access, especially in light of the dense collective energies swirling around us now. There is so much focus on what isn’t working and focusing on lack of something leads to further lack.

Think in terms of a creating a resonant match. If our intention is to allow and receive prosperity in our life – our desire, will and beliefs must be in alignment with that intention. For example, if it is blue that you seek and yet your body and mind are emanating red, the outcome will not be blue. It will be something closer to purple. The color will be determined by the shade and tone of red that you are putting out and the shade and tone of blue. Meaning, if the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are focused on the lack in your life and not in alignment your desire of abundance, the universe will listen. We are in a constant state of co-creation. What are you inputting into the equation?

This card is a reminder that abundance and flow can be ours, but not if our predominate focus is on what’s not working. See the chaos and lack, understand that there are those that exist in it as their dominant focus, but choose not to engage. Prosperity isn’t a place you reach, it is an act of receiving or putting yourself whole heartily in alignment. Spend some time this week contemplating your desire, your will and your beliefs around prosperity. Knowing that your will is the powerhouse behind your desire. Having your desire, will, and beliefs in alignment with your intention is not only important for manifesting prosperity, but all things in life.