For this week’s Card for Contemplation, we receive the message of joy from Maitraya.

Last week I talked about transcending judgment; finding that place in your life where you are living ‘off the mark”. It seems fitting that radiating joy would follow that. Judgment is dense and heavy when in our space, it feels contracting. Joy is a very different experience. It is expansive and loving. It connects us to our potential and opens up opportunity in our life. Spend a moment here and think and feel into your experience of joy. Acknowledge the people and circumstances that bring you joy right now. Where do you feel it in your body? How does it shift your mind as you tune into it?

Things in our world are difficult right now. Tuning into joy and sharing it with others is more important than ever. Instead of being brought down into the heaviness of judgment or resistance, shift upward. Connect with the lightness of your being and let others see it. Take that extra moment to make someone laugh or say a kind word. Be playful and light. This doesn’t mean that you are ignorant of what is going on around you, rather it just means you recognize what you can do in the moment to shift that energy. In the now moment – you are choosing joy.

For this week’s meditation technique I want you to use joy as a contemplation. Take a moment to center yourself. Bring your attention and awareness inward. Notice how good it feels to breathe into the body. Then once you are in a calm and relaxed state, I want you to say silently to yourself on the out breath…..JOY. Let the exhalation assist you in moving the word and feeling of joy through the body. Let it fill every part of your being. Think about radiating joy from the inside out. When you are finished notice your body. How do you feel? How have things shifted for you? Now take this embodiment of joy out into the world and share it unabashedly.