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Every week I work with people who have faced their own mortality and do you know what they have taught me? To be true to who you are and that you don’t have time to waste looking for other people’s approval. This was a true gift and I want to help you to reach this same level of unapologetic realness. I believe that each person has a tremendous potential within themselves. This isn’t something that has to be earned or gained, it is simply something that needs to be accessed. This work is mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Do you know the way you see the world? Our perception has the ability to keep us trapped and stuck in fear or it can take us to new heights.  So many of our choices are determined by our subconscious beliefs about ourselves and our world. I don’t want to be anybody’s guru, instead I want to be a mirror for you. Helping you deepen your self awareness and assist you in understanding what is holding you back, your subconscious programming and help you unravel the fear that prevents you from being your BIG self. This work isn’t about perfection or somebody else’s idea of what is healthy or right. It is about living in alignment with your heart, your values and your actions. Nobody can decide what that looks like except for you.

So I invite you to look around the site and see what resonates. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in igniting your true potential.



April 24th – Are You Being Tested?

This week I pulled Eagle, a powerful animal ally from my medicine cards deck. The eagle can represent many things when he shows up. He can be asking us to take a 40 000 foot view of our situation. He can represent seeking freedom from the things that bind us. Today,...

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April 19th – Mastering Love

If it is true that we are love, then we do not have to conjure it or manufacture it. We simply have to remove the blocks that keep us from being who we are. What is this block for you? Do you have more than one?

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April 11th – Radiating Joy

Judgment is dense and heavy when in our space, it feels contracting. Joy is a very different experience. It is expansive and loving. It connects us to our potential and opens up opportunity in our life.

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